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Plumbing Services

Providing reliable, quality plumbing installation, maintenance, & repair services in the Birmingham area.

Plumbing services in Birmingham, AL

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Air Conditioning

Experts in heating & air conditioning service & installation for all top quality name brand HVAC appliances.

Air conditioning services in Birmingham, AL

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Leak Detection

Commercial & residential leak detection & repair services throughout the Birmingham Metro Area.

Leak detection services in Birmingham, AL

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Building Repair

Experts in building repair, including drywall, carpentry, finishing, tiling, painting, and other services.

Building repair services in Birmingham, AL

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Sewer Repair in Birmingham AL

Sewer Repair

Damage to sewer drains and pipes can result in more than an inconvenient clog or backup. In fact, sewer problems can lead to unpleasant smells and toxic fumes if not handled quickly and with experience. The skilled professional plumbers at Southern Home Services are qualified to assist with any sewer line or sewer drain issue that may arise.

When you have a sewer emergency, you can trust our expert Birmingham plumbers to come to your aid swiftly and prepared with the right equipment on board to resolve the sewer issue. Our plumbing company specializes in repairing your:

  • Damaged sewer pipe
  • Sewer clog
  • Backed-up sewer system
  • Water pressure issue
  • Valve leak
  • Sewer leak

Sewer Odor Problems

Serious health problems can arise with any sewer issue, and repairing the damage should be taken seriously. At Southern Home Services of Birmingham, we know how important your health and the health of your family is, and we are dedicated to removing the cause of any potential health risks related to your sewer system.

Sewer fumes can cause headaches, rashes, colds, and more serious problems, including breathing issues. The noxious, odorous fumes emitted from beneath a leaking sewer pipe under a home or building can easily seep through the concrete floor and contaminate the indoor air. These gases are not only foul but also hazardous, and they are a clear sign of sewer line repair or replacement needs.

Sewer Line Problems – Causes

Many things can cause issues with your sewer system. Some of the most common concerns are the intrusion of tree roots into the sewer lines, which can create obstructions and blockages within the line, as well as cracks in the sewer line seals. Other causes include septic tank and drain field failures. Whatever the cause of your sewer problems, the experts at Birmingham’s Southern Home Services have advanced equipment to pinpoint and resolve the problem before it becomes a costly, dangerous situation.

Contact Southern Home Services in Birmingham AL for Sewer Cleaning and Sewer Repair service.

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