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Plumbing Services

Providing reliable, quality plumbing installation, maintenance, & repair services in the Birmingham area.

Plumbing services in Birmingham, AL

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Air Conditioning

Experts in heating & air conditioning service & installation for all top quality name brand HVAC appliances.

Air conditioning services in Birmingham, AL

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Leak Detection

Commercial & residential leak detection & repair services throughout the Birmingham Metro Area.

Leak detection services in Birmingham, AL

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Building Repair

Experts in building repair, including drywall, carpentry, finishing, tiling, painting, and other services.

Building repair services in Birmingham, AL

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Birmingham Interior Furnishings & Design

Interior Design

Interior design is a big part of what makes a house a home. Having the right look and atmosphere can go a long way in making a space cozy and inviting. However, while the best-laid plans may seem perfect, the realization of them is not always so. In fact, when it comes time to decorate your space or change out your interior furnishings, you can run into numerous issues. At Southern Home Services, we remedy this concern by offering our expertise and experience to lend a hand in the actual creation of the space you dream of.

Crown Molding

Crown molding looks great in almost any home and adds that extra something special – a little class, décor, and unique quality. However, not just anyone can provide a hassle-free installation of crown molding. Our Birmingham servicemen are experienced in crown molding installation and can get the job done quickly, correctly, and without costing a fortune. Save time and back-breaking work by turning the job over to our professionals!

Painting & Paint Removal

While the idea of redesigning your space by starting with a fresh coat of paint may seem exciting, the idea of even rolling on a second coat of paint in a small space can be a real drag. Imagine taking on the whole house yourself! Rather than spend a lot of time and energy, only to have no energy left to enjoy the results, let Southern Home Services complete the interior painting project. Want paint removed? We do that too, from various types of surfaces, including walls, cabinetry, and much more. We even offer furniture staining services, so give us a call to start creating your new design.

Shelf Installation

Mounting shelves, especially custom-build shelving, can be a headache. Built-ins are an even bigger, more stressful job. Rather than slave over the parts and pieces and become an expert in home construction, make it a simple task by contacting our experienced Birmingham professionals, who are already experts in shelving installation and mounting. We are available to meet your needs, however unique your area is and how intricate the design of the new shelving.

Skylight Installation

Natural lighting can really enhance a space, and a common area of preference for such is the kitchen. Skylights can be used to provide that extra bit of sunshine to the interior of your home, allowing direct sunlight to enter your home through the ceiling and brighten your life. However, installing a skylight is no simple task and requires knowledge of ceiling construction and structural requirements. Our Birmingham installation experts have such knowledge and first-hand experience and can help you install a skylight in your kitchen, or in any other room you wish to brighten with a beam of light.

For any type of home furnishing and design assistance, trust the professionals at Southern Home Services of Birmingham to meet your needs. We are available on your schedule and promise your satisfaction with our craftsmanship, as well as our customer service.

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