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Garbage Disposal Repair in Birmingham AL

Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Service Experts

Garbage disposals are small pieces of plumbing equipment, but they are convenient for disposing of unwanted food remains. Rather than throwing away leftovers that could leave unpleasant odors in your trash, garbage disposals can often grind and remove all traces of the remaining food items, negating the concern of odor in your home.

However, because garbage disposals are often overworked or abused with improper disposal processes or by putting things down the kitchen drain to which garbage disposals should not be exposed, it is essential to understand the functionality of the equipment so that, when your garbage disposal clogs or stops working, you know what is necessary to make the repair.

Our Birmingham plumbing specialists are trained in assessing damage to garbage disposals and other problems that may arise. Malfunctions in the garbage disposal often start with putting things down the drain that clog the disposing mechanism, blocking the blades or stopping up the pipes beneath. Grease should never be put through the plumbing, as it will harden and clog the plumbing lines after draining through the disposal. The blades of the garbage disposal may also become coated with the grease and be less effective in disposing of other food items.

Fibrous items, as well, such as celery, should not be trusted to a garbage disposal. The fibers may tangle in the blade or impeller, which turns the blades, and either burn the motor or cause the garbage disposal to become stuck. When you have serious garbage disposal clogs or your disposal won’t turn, call Southern Home Services, and we’ll have your sink plumbing flowing again in no time!

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Even when the garbage disposal is working properly, some food remains may become stuck, leading to unpleasant odors rising from your sink drain. Regular maintenance practices can help you keep those odors at bay. Lemon rinds, ice cubes, and vinegar can all assist in cleaning the garbage disposal, the solids helping to clean and sharpen the blades and the liquid killing any remaining smell.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

If your garbage disposal is beyond repair, our Birmingham plumbing technicians are prepared to replace it with a new model upon arrival. With our skilled craftsmanship, we will expertly reconnect all pipes and systems to your garbage disposal, including the line leading from the dishwasher. If you are having a garbage disposal newly installed, we will be glad to complete the process of assuring all connections are in place, after which you will need a licensed electrician to hook up the unit.

For any garbage disposal needs that arise in your home or commercial business, contact Birmingham’s expert plumbers at Southern Home Services, and we’ll be there when you need us most!

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