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Plumbing Services

Providing reliable, quality plumbing installation, maintenance, & repair services in the Birmingham area.

Plumbing services in Birmingham, AL

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Air Conditioning

Experts in heating & air conditioning service & installation for all top quality name brand HVAC appliances.

Air conditioning services in Birmingham, AL

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Leak Detection

Commercial & residential leak detection & repair services throughout the Birmingham Metro Area.

Leak detection services in Birmingham, AL

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Building Repair

Experts in building repair, including drywall, carpentry, finishing, tiling, painting, and other services.

Building repair services in Birmingham, AL

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Door & Window Services

Birmingham Door Repair | Window Installation | New Windows & Doors in Birmingham

Windows and doors serve multiple functions in your home. They seal your home against the elements, and they also secure your home against intruders. In addition, you want your doors and windows to compliment your home, making it aesthetically appealing. At Southern Home Services in Birmingham, our door and window experts can assist in creating solutions that address all these issues for your safety and comfort, while also offering the benefits of reasonable pricing for service.

Door Installation & Door Repair

As doors age, their ability to seal can be compromised, and you’ll find that the paint could start to peel and wood could start to crack or warp due to wear from the elements. In some instances, repairs can be made to save your door, making it last longer and giving you a more affordable option for renewing the beauty and safety of your home. If your door can be repaired, our technicians will provide quality craftsmanship and service, leaving you with a product that exceeds your expectations.

However, in some cases the door and frame are beyond repair, or the work to repair them is not cost effective in the long run. In these cases, our Birmingham door installation experts can help you choose the product that meets all your needs, including budget, application, and design. We can then professionally install the door, so you can rest assured the job is done to the highest standards.

Window Installation & Window Repair

Household fixtures and appliances don’t last forever, and as it turns out, neither do windows. Bent frames, broken glass, worn and faded coloring, and other problems can arise over the years, including loss of sealant. When it’s time to address some of these concerns, Birmingham’s Southern Home Services wants to be your first call for window repair. We can reseal windows and may be able to update the look of the window in some cases to give you more time before needing to replace the window.

In the case of a broken window or a circumstance where window repair is insufficient or pricey, our window installation specialists can help with window replacement. And in replacing older windows, we can offer assistance in installing more energy efficient windows as a solution that will help reduce your utility costs and save you money in the long run. There are a number of energy saving options, including low-E windows and gas-filled windows to ease the strain on your budget due to high energy bills. At Southern Home Services, we are familiar with the installation of all types of windows, so call us with your window replacement needs.

Take interest in the safety, appearance, and efficiency of your home by addressing issues with doors and windows.

Our Birmingham professional servicemen are available to assist you with door repair and door and window installation!

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