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Plumbing Services

Providing reliable, quality plumbing installation, maintenance, & repair services in the Birmingham area.

Plumbing services in Birmingham, AL

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Air Conditioning

Experts in heating & air conditioning service & installation for all top quality name brand HVAC appliances.

Air conditioning services in Birmingham, AL

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Leak Detection

Commercial & residential leak detection & repair services throughout the Birmingham Metro Area.

Leak detection services in Birmingham, AL

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Building Repair

Experts in building repair, including drywall, carpentry, finishing, tiling, painting, and other services.

Building repair services in Birmingham, AL

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Concrete & Outdoor Construction Services in Birmingham AL

Outdoor Construction

When it comes to construction projects and concrete work outside your home, Birmingham’s Southern Home Services can do it all! Our experts can assist you in the new installation a paved or stone-laid driveway or patio, building a deck, or even creating an outdoor storage space. These are large projects that may be intimidating for homeowners to take on themselves, but our experienced craftsmen can help in each of these areas, and many more!

Concrete Work – Patios & Driveway Sealing

Aside from being able to pour concrete for your application, our Birmingham concrete experts can also seal your driveway or other paved location against the elements. We can also seal asphalt driveways to assure a long-lasting application. Our concrete experts will listen to your needs and come up with a unique solution to satisfy your creative side while also keeping the work and cost practical. Porches, patios, driveways, and paved walkways are all part of the services we offer to Birmingham residents at Southern Home Services.

Stone Work

For aesthetic purposes, you may determine that stone is a better choice for your patio or walkway. At Southern Home Services, our Birmingham servicemen are also available for stone laying and creative design. Whether you are looking for patio stone installation or another application that requires care and an artful eye, we can help!

Decks & Fences

At Southern Home Services in Birmingham, our technicians are also experienced with exterior woodwork, offering everything from small fence repairs to deck building and new fence installation. We understand the need to treat wood against the elements, and with our quality workmanship, you can rest assured your new deck, fence, or other construction project will be a long-lasting, beautiful addition to your home.

Storage Area Construction

Are you considering an outside storage area but are nonplussed by the cheap, generic storage sheds offered at home improvement stores? At Southern Home Services, we can design and build a custom storage area that blends with the surroundings; offering just the right amount of space for your storage needs while also complimenting the house and yard in which it is located. Storage area construction can be tailored to your needs, like all of our services, and our Birmingham technicians are standing by to answer your questions about what we can do for you!

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